Logistics makes an important contribution to the distribution of goods from the place of production to the consumer and is global. Today’s logistics activities are not associated with logistics and freight forwarding activities. Logistics arranges the flow of raw materials and materials from suppliers to manufacturers, and then moves goods from production to consumers. Finally, creating a connection in the whole society according to the optimization options, reducing the cost of rotation and storage.

Supply Chain LOGISTICS

The most important thing for this logistics service industry is “time”. Therefore, managers are very headache in coming up with solutions to solve it.

To partially solve this difficult problem, forklifts were put into use. Forklift loading and unloading, transporting goods well, helps to reduce time, reduce labor, and save costs.

Choosing a forklift is a very important job. Because it depends a lot on the condition of goods, warehouse, environment.

For example: LOGISTICS warehouse specializes in goods such as food, frozen, high requirements on environment, emissions. At that time, it is not possible to use a forklift powered by an internal combustion engine (oil, gasoline, gas) but the solution for it is to use an electric forklift (sitting or standing). Because electric forklifts have the advantage of quiet operation, no emissions when working.

3 ton diesel forklift

Electric Forklift

Forklift sit driver

Are forklifts really economical? A forklift can replace 8-10 laborers, but the operating cost in a day (work shift) is much lower than the salary paid in each worker. Refer to the following article for a detailed look at this economic problem.

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