The number of declarations at Hai Phong Customs increased by more than 47%


Compared to the same period last year, the number of declarations made at Hai Phong Customs in February increased by 47.28%.

In February, the total declarations of Hai Phong Customs Department were 163,643 declarations, an increase of 47.28% over the same period in 2022 and an increase of 2.05% compared to the previous month.

One of the main reasons for the sharp increase in the number of declarations in February of Hai Phong Customs compared to the same period last year was that in February 2022 there was a long Lunar New Year holiday.

In February, Hai Phong Customs Department had 84,379 import declarations and 79,264 export declarations.

Among the sub-departments under the Hai Phong Customs Department, the Customs Sub-department of EPZs and IZs has the largest number of declarations with 41,193 declarations.

While Hai Phong port area 1 Customs Branch has the lowest number of declarations with 4,002 declarations.

Previously, in January 2023, at Hai Phong Customs Department, there were 137,421 declarations registered for procedures, down 26.86% over the same period in 2022; in which, import is 72,604 declarations, export is 64,817 declarations.

Thus, through the first 2 months of the year, the whole Hai Phong Customs Department has handled procedures for more than 300,000 declarations.

(According to Haiquanonline)

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