Loading and Unloading Services – Lifting


The process of loading and unloading – lifting goods is one of the very important stages, if this stage is not in accordance with the technical requirements, it will cause unsafety for the goods in the process of moving or installing machinery. damage to the business. Most businesses have difficulty finding partners to perform these tasks. To meet the needs of customers,  ANT VINA Logistics  provides loading and unloading – lifting services by a professional team, advanced machinery and equipment including self-propelled cranes, specialized cranes, forklifts, trucks. turtle, winch, hoist…etc

To ensure that there are no problems arising during the working process,  ANT VINA Logistics  always strictly adheres to the following stages:

• Step 1: Site survey.
– Receive requests from customers.
– Surveying topography, position of goods manipulation at the scene.
– Statistics of specific requirements according to customers.

• Step 2: Make a specific plan for loading and unloading – lifting.
– Calculation of the means of machinery, manpower and necessary tools (equipment
insurance, signs, warning lights, etc.).
– Determine the optimal plan in terms of time and cost.

• Step 3: Carry out loading and unloading – lifting goods.
– Operate machinery, arrange labor according to the plan.
– Ensure absolute safety for workers with full equipment.
– Comply with technical requirements when operating.

• Step 4: Acceptance.

• Step 5: Payment.

Our benefits include:
– The process of processing tasks is fast, convenient, absolute quality.
– Provide diverse services with types of goods, sizes, and loads.
– Diversified service packages, provided at seaports, airports, transshipment terminals, warehouses, factories, industrial parks, export processing zones in Hai Duong province and surrounding areas.

ANT VINA Logistics is a transportation unit specializing in providing the following services:
+ Consultancy on customs procedures
+ Customs clearance
+ Apply for import and export license
+ Entrustment of import and export
+ Packing goods
+ Loading and unloading – Lifting and lowering of goods
+ Freight forwarding
+ Prepare settlement reports
+ Warehousing service
We are pleased to bring professional and prestigious  services in Hai Duong as well as surrounding areas.

For more information, please contact: ANT VINA Logistics
+ Head office: Lot 123.101, Western Urban Area, Tan Binh Ward, Hai Duong City.
+ Office: No. 22, Lot B5, Viet Hoa Urban Area, Viet Hoa Ward,   Hai Duong City.
+ Phone: (+84) 931 525 525 – (+84) 901 501 688
+ Email: info@antvina.com or sales@antvina.com
+ Hotline: (+84) 931 525 525


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