What are the regulations on packaging of agricultural products when exporting to China?


Packing, Packaging, Printing is an important stage when exporting to the Chinese market. This article helps you know the principles of packaging agricultural products appropriately and in accordance with regulations.

The first thing to note is that exporters must regularly contact their Chinese partners to check and update labeling regulations for imported goods to avoid damage from not updating legal regulations. of the import market or misinterpreted regulations due to language differences.

Information and language specified when printed on the package

Information requirements for each type of goods will be different, exporters need to find out more. However, the product packaging must clearly state the following basic information: product name, origin, quantity, weight, growing area code, packing establishment code (for fruit), place to, etc. in Chinese or English.

It is the responsibility of the importer to ensure that the label complies with Chinese laws, administrative regulations and food safety standard requirements. The Customs will not allow the import of goods that do not meet the standards for labeling on the product packaging.

Regulations on packaging, packaging and labeling for fruit products

For fruit imports, importers should note the following provisions:

About Packing

– On the package (carton, bale) must use Chinese or English

– Information clearly stating the name of the fruit; place of production, packing place or code number/code, stamped with traceability label.

– All packaging must have the word “For export to China” in Chinese or English.

– Packing meets import regulations, in which wooden packaging and packaging materials are handled in accordance with the standard ISPM 15.


The traceability label can be affixed to the fruit, affixed/printed on the outside of the box/packaging box;

The traceability label information is clear and easy to understand, the language used is Chinese or English.

The content of the label includes:

The name of the exporting organization, the type of fruit, the name of the growing area and the registration number.

Packing establishment name and registration number.

Note that this growing area number and packing facility number have been registered with the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development and accepted by the General Administration of Customs of China.


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