Services of Logistics

ANT VINA Logistics is honored to be a long-term unit in the field of warehouse management services in Hai Duong, with the strength of available geographical location, a large and diverse warehouse system, and enthusiastic staff. , with high logistics expertise, always putting the interests of customers first. We see that warehouse leasing is one of the important elements of the total logistics solution supply chain.

The information recorded on the finalization report is the basis for tax authorities and inspectors to check the authenticity and correctness of the tax finalization process. Therefore, it is required that the tax finalization must achieve absolute accuracy to avoid businesses getting into troubles related to law penalties, arrears, and handling of violations.

Along with the rapid development of the economy, the transport sector in Vietnam in recent years has been extremely exciting. A potential market opens up many requirements on process, time, safety and accuracy for enterprises to explore. Grasping the above factors, ANT VINA Logistics was born as a reliable bridge to provide customers with the best quality transportation services in Hai Duong and surrounding areas.

The process of loading and unloading – lifting goods is one of the very important stages, if this stage is not in accordance with the technical requirements, it will cause unsafety for the goods in the process of moving or installing machinery. damage to the business. Most businesses have difficulty finding partners to perform these tasks. To meet the needs of customers,  ANT VINA Logistics  provides loading and unloading – lifting services by a professional team, advanced machinery and equipment including self-propelled cranes, specialized cranes, forklifts, trucks. turtle, winch, hoist…etc

The transportation of goods is an essential need in the era of e-commerce and rapidly developing logistics. However, the packaging of goods in transit is a dilemma for businesses as it increasingly requires more techniques. If the goods are damaged, it will cause great damage to the business. Solving that worry, ANT VINA Logistics provides you with a fast and safe packing service to ensure absolute safety in Hai Duong and neighboring provinces.

Import and export entrustment is a necessary operation when business owners want to import goods to Vietnam, but do not do it themselves, but entrust through a service company to carry out the import. In other words, this is a form of importing goods through an intermediary. Import and export entrustment activities are detailed in Chapter 4 of Decree 187/2013/ND-CP.

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